How autograph Works

In under one minute without knowing your name, email address or any personally identifiable information, autograph can figure out 5500 dimensions about you - age, income, likes and dislikes - at over 90% accuracy, allowing businesses to serve what matters to you - offers, programs, music... almost anything

Do this only once, and you can use your autograph across multiple services and devices

Swote™* the things you like


Swote™* the things you like


And the ones you don't like


From the brands, TV programs, movies and music you like and dislike, autograph generates a personalized interest graph by cross-referencing and analyzing overlaps amongst 5500 signals for each brand

This takes only 30 seconds and is completely under your control, solving the cold start problem of traditional recommendation engines

  • Review and edit interests
  • 90%+ data accuracy
  • 10x typical increase in response rates
  • Over 94% opt-in rate

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